Mont Tremblant – A picturesque getaway.

Welcome to my first ever blog post.

I am Audrey, a student in a Marketing program in one of the busiest and most beautiful cities known in the world, Toronto. Being a citizen of Toronto I am proud of all the things the city has to offer. However, this is a series of blogs that talk about my adventures outside my comfort zone as I explore the amazing places in Canada. I will be exhibiting my exploration and the highlights of my journey as I keep going. I hope I can show what our country has to offer and encourage travel bugs to get out there!

Welcome to the first destination.

The magnificent Mont Tremblant between the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, Canada. The mountain features an exceptional resort that operates year-round and offers activities for both winter and summer. It is a very popular destination for the adrenaline rush lovers during the winter due to its amazing slopes for winter activities that include skiing, cross-country skiing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, tree-to-tree trecking tubing, snow bikingalpine touring and so much more.

1024px-Mont-Tremblant,_Quebec_01123             images

Winter Wonderland

Mont Tremblant has been voted number 1 ski resort in Eastern North America. There is more than 110 km of cross-country trails for beginners and experts similarly to explore nature at their own pace nearby Tremblant.

Sunny day at Mont-Tremblant

I decided to visit Mont Tremblant during the days the grass is green and the sun is bright. A different turn to Mont Tremblant was more my idea, a picnic with my friends was much needed. You must be wondering if I was crazy and drove all the way to Mont Tremblant from Toronto for just a picnic. I was actually in the city of Montreal which is about an hour and a half drive from the Mont Tremblant resort.

For complete directions from Toronto to Mont Tremblantclick here

For complete directions from Montreal to Mont Tremblant – click here.

The majestic drive

The drive to the Mont Tremblant certainly did not feel like a long drive at all as my friends and I were left in awe of the beautiful sceneries the roads between the Laurentian Mountains had to offer. Tall trees and Mountains along with a combo of a beautiful sky and clouds just made us overly excited to see the destination.

As we drove closer to Mont Tremblant, we could differentiate the Mountain from the rest due to it being beautifully wrapped by a resort that has villas and tons of beautiful architecture. And of course, just the size of the mountain itself had to speak for itself. The summit of the mountain is at a whopping elevation of 875 meters. The Mont Tremblant is easily one of the tallest mountains in the Laurentians.


As we drove to the parking lot, it was hard for me to even see the peak and if there was anything up there. But I could see how the resort was beautifully designed with a resort that slowly elevates to the peak. With different levels that have villas for accommodation, it also has a lot of outdoor activities such as swimming pools and parks.


Delicious lunch stop

We spent a considerable amount of time to find the perfect place for lunch called La Pizzateria. There was a wait for about 10-15 mins which was fine as we were looking around and got souvenirs from a shop next to La Pizzateria, while we were waiting.


Till this day I still dream of going back and having this Poulet Pesto pizza. If you’re a meat lover this will be heaven for you. We also got the spaghettini Bolognese which was extremely creamy and flavourful. I highly suggest everyone eat here whenever you’re at Mont Tremblant, it definitely has one of the best classic gourmet pizzas I have ever had.

For sweet tooths

There’s no way you can leave Mont Tremblant without trying the ice cream at Oh La Vache. There are tones of options and I picked butterscotch as I like my ice cream very sweet. Of course, you can layer it with many toppings like marshmallow, chocolate chips, sprinkles or whatever you name it, it’ll be there. Besides their delish ice cream, Oh LaVache offers a variety of other desserts like cookies, waffles, and other culinary delights. They have a cute outdoor sitting place where can enjoy your ice cream with your loved ones.

oh la vache

oh la ice cream

Trust me, it tastes even better than it looks. 😉

The magnificent trails and stunning views

There’s no absence of trails for running and hiking for the enthusiasts as well as camping for the outdoor lovers. The Assomption, Diable and Pimbina areas in magnificent Parc national du Mont Tremblant give away remarkable sights of more than 90 kilometers and many shelters for hikers.


Hiking one of the 11 trails to the top of the mountain is essential. An ecotourism park, called Domaine Saint-Bernard extends additional 30 kilometers of wilderness trails. Chickadees, blue jays, white-tailed deer and many species are found there. The spectacular view of Lac Tremblant and the Laurentians would take away all one’s sorrows. No worries if you get exhausted, simply take the gondola, relax and enjoy the entire valley and mountain region view. One of my favorite activities for the day was sloping on the panoramic gondola ride.


Interactive shows

Other than the view, there’s also Under the Weather Exhibit, which educates visitors about the environment like greenhouse gases, climate change, the nature of global warming and etc. Visitors get tours by the Thermometer Man who entertains the crowd.

You can also enjoy the Birds of Prey Show and have a delightful Sunday brunch sitting at the Le Grand Manitou Mont Tremblant chalet, listening to live music choosing between hot or cold buffet.



After all the adventure everyone deserves to treat themselves with some relaxation. What the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about relaxation? Spa? Duh! There’s an all-year-round indoor spa which provides the Scandinavian baths, the slope side spas, and the in-room massage.

The Summit

However, amongst the several hundreds of activities, my favorite was just the view from the summit of the mountain.

There is a lookout point at the summit of the mountain where you can go higher up to a tower.

The view looks different from every level of the tower.
The highest level of the lookout point.

20170716_160245A few trails take you around the mountain with one after another spectacular view. My friends and I spent hours at the top appreciating the magnificent Laurentian mountains and the beautiful Lake Tremblant at the bottom of the mountain. By the way, if you are into water sports then the lake is an amazing place with various water activities for everyone. We decided to stay at the top of the summit to watch the sunset and we were well accommodated with food and restrooms at that level too.


With all the activities around, Mont Tremblant is easily one of my top destinations for a few days of relaxation and entertainment. And the views are to die for, it truly felt like I was in a real-life painting.


Thanks for joining me and stay tuned for more!

 “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

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