Ontario Road Trip – Bonnechere Cave, Foy & Barron Canyon Trail

Hey everyone! It is time for another blog. And guess what? We return to the wonders of Algonquin again. The same summer of 2017, after coming back from camping in Algonquin I went back to explore more of that area. This day trip was all about scenic drives to explore a bit more of the Algonquin natural wonders. We planned for a few stops on the road to discovering some beautiful locations. Destinations of this blog include Bonechere Caves, Foy Provincial Park and Barron Canyon Trail.

We started around 8 am from Toronto and took us about 4 hours to get to Bonnechere Caves with 2 stops on the way for lunch and gas. It was a bright sunny morning which made the drive to Bonnechere cave was wonderful.

 Bonnechere Caves

The first destination was Bonnechere Caves which is in the town of Eganville, Ontario. We arrived around 12:15 pm. The caves had guided tours and we took the tour that was in 15 mins. I paid $18 for my ticket for the tour and I believe it was well worth it. It initiated with some orientation that included interesting prehistoric history and showed us the fossil of creation which was somewhat hard to believe without actually seeing it.


Then came the time to descend into the cave. The underground adventure into the caves really makes you think how great mother nature is. Even on one of the hottest summer day, the caves were quite cool inside. It has been open for more than 55 years and the stories told inside were really exciting. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable who had answers to all our questions. Don’t want to give away the mysteries of the caves but I must say it is a great adventure for travelers.



A souvenir store is located about 5 minutes walk after getting out of the caves which had such adorable keepsakes and memorabilia. I got myself a cute little magnet from there that reminds me of the caves.

There is a river just across the caves which is absolutely breathtaking. It was a river with fast-moving water. The crashes of the waves and the natural flow of currents were hypnotic.



After the river, it was time to hop on the car to our next destination.

Foy Provincial Park

The destination now was Foy Provincial Park and we arrived at Foy after a 40-minute ride. Foy Provincial Park is situated on Round Lake right across Bonechere Provincial Park. Foy is full of quartz and high granite which has majestic forests of Oak, Birch, old White Pine, Aspen and dark groves of Eastern Hemlock. We were astounded by the beauty and variety of the trees in the forest. Then we discover ed Foy’s beach which consists of fine sand and a notable shoreline.


We took a dip in the water and swam for a while. Then we had a picnic there and had food. The park is a great place to picnic and has all amenities but unfortunately, you cannot camp there.

PS if you’re a coffee person you should definitely try out the Madawaska Valley coffee, which is located in Bary’s Bay. It tastes amazing and is unlike any coffee you can find in the city.

Time to hit the road to our next destination.

Barron Canyon Trail

After another quick drive, we reached Barron Canyon Trail. This was definitely the most exhilarating part of our trip this day. Barron Canyon Trail is a beautiful trail which has a 1.5 km loop leading near the north rim of the remarkable, 100 m deep Barron Canyon and later turns into the parking lot. The cliff top of Barron Canyon is not fenced so it can be a little scary as it is quite high.


You can also canoe at the Baron Canyon which can be accessed through the Barron River Parking Lot or the Brigham Lake Parking Lot. We had enough of the water from the day so we decided not to get in the water anymore.


This was the end of the trip for the day and we headed back to Toronto the same day. However, I have a little bonus for you!

On the way back we decided to stop for dinner in a small town called Wilno.

Wilno Dinner

We were suggested by a friend to stop at the cutest restaurant for dinner called Wilno Tavern. This place has been providing excellent service for more than 100 years. This historic pub offers traditional Canadian menu and Polish fare, which celebrates the heritage of Wilno’s early pioneer families. They have lively entertainment on Tuesdays with Blues Jam and rock music which was perfect as I am a sucker for both. Jazz or folk bands play on weekends.

They stop serving food after 10 so that is a bummer but you can always plan ahead and reach early.

Madawaska Valley Snowmobile Ride -Wilno Tavern Band-Virgil Knapp-2875.jpeg

This brings us to end of another travel journal of mine. I think I still have not had enough of Algonquin and will need several trips back. In fact, I think I will be returning there as long as I can. If you haven’t discovered the area yet, I strongly suggest you do so, if not you will keep on hearing about it from me until you take the step! Till next time, keep traveling and exploring!!

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