Andrew Scenic Acres: Dreamy Farm, Pick your own flowers, fruits and veggies.

Welcome back guys, summer is just 2 months away and I already have a huge list of the places I wanna explore this year. Which brings me to write this blog. Do you love seeing flowers bloom? What about fresh fruits and vegetables. Do little cattle make your heart warm? If yes, then you will love this one. Have you ever visited a farm? Always wanted to but can’t decide which one to go to? Well, I’m here to help you with that. Let me introduce you to the most dreamy farm in Ontario which is only an hour drive from Toronto. Located at Milton is the beautiful and massive Andrew Scenic Acres.

Andrew Scenic Acres grow 165 acres of fresh fruit and vegetable during the cropping season. They also offer various kinds of flowers such as sunflowers, lilies, dahlias, and gladioli.  For fruits, they offer strawberries, cherries, raspberries, blueberries, peaches, plums and many more. The farm provides guided tours around their land for $7.50 for a 90-minute tour.

The farm is also known for their famous pumpkins and sweet corn. Furthermore, the farm offers unique countryside setting for parties and hosts many special events such as birthdays for children.


Our journey through the farm started with the flower field of dahlias and the gladioli. The weather was wonderful, bright, warm with a swish of wind, and we walked between the flower field picking out the fresh variegated flowers. The dahlias were blooming at its own pace and created a beautiful looking scene.




We could not resist and took hundreds of photos. It was ridiculously fun.

After all the photos we got a tad bit hungry and the warm sun made us quite thirsty as well. There is a little snack bar, where they have ice cream and frozen yogurt made with real frozen berries. They also have a barbeque running with hot dogs and fresh corn. So we couldn’t help ourselves and munched on some snacks and got some cold drinks. There are many picnic tables available to sit and eat.

If you continue to walk around,  you will get to the stunning sunflower field. It is best to go in July if you want to see the sunflowers when they are in their full bloom.


For little ones, there’s a park with a playground, animal corral and wagon rides. There are pony rides available that gets every child excited. I cannot lie I wanted to get on them as well.


There was a huge tractor ride that keeps making rounds for everyone to travel to the different fields of the farm. We hopped on and as we drove down the dirt path we were shown the various cropping fields. We got down on the sweet corn maze where my partner and I ventured through.


Walking through the corn maze, I kept thinking how true the corn phrase is, ‘Like a corn maze, life has many twists and turns; and often, we have to take a winding path to get to where we’re going.’


Our last stop was the pumpkin patch, which was a little disappointing due to off-season as the pumpkins weren’t fully grown. However, we picked out a big pumpkin to take home. You can choose from 2.5kgs to 40 kgs pumpkins.


At the beginning of the farm, you can check out with all the things you’ve picked where you can find the whole bunch items displayed. So if something got ruined on the way of your tour, you can always pick one out from there.


You get to enjoy the nature with your loved ones. Not only that, you also get to eat delicious, ripe fruit picked straight off the branch! Andrews’ Scenic Acres produces quality fruit wines from fruit grown on the farm, including award-winning strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, cherry, apple and currant wines. They also give out free wine samples!

This farm is absolutely brilliant. It was a sight that took my breath away. I’ve been to different fields but this time with my partner, it was a whole new feeling. It seemed to be a more vibrant and loving one.


This year they will be open from May 12th till the end of October. So don’t miss out on this amazing farm. If you haven’t been, go! This is the perfect place for some great backdrop photos for occasions which explains all the photos I took!


What was my favorite part of the farm? It was definitely picking the dahlias and taking colorful photos in the bed of flowers. Let me know yours!

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